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It’s been two weeks since New Orleans and I still need this weekend to recover.

I had an orange propel the other day and gagged because it reminded me of a hurricane…

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thescythethatheals asks:can i ask why you seem to post a lot of kinda depressing text posts about yourself

Probably because I have depression…

Sometimes I feel so proud because I feel like I discovered a great blog and I’m the reason for their fame..

Like thunderupton… Haha just kidding Jack, you discovered me first.

But really. Everyone should follow Jack because he’s funny and smart and has a really cute cat.

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I’ve gotten about 10 new followers in the last 5 minutes and at first I thought they might be thirst follows because of my legs and shorts pic but then I remembered that nobody thirst follows me.

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I’m going to be struggling so hard to wake up and go to classes tomorrow especially since my professor won’t even be there for my 8:30 and it’s supposed to thunderstorm :(

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